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San Marcos Academy in top 30 Best Christian Schools in America
San Marcos Academy was named one of the 30 Best Christian Boarding Schools in America by selected SMA based on several weighted factors, including academic excellence, extracurricular richness, geographical and demographical diversity, and reputation. is a leading resource for prospective students seeking a college or university degree. Click here to read the entire article and view the profile of SMA.

San Marcos Academy

San Marcos Academy Academics

The academics program at San Marcos Academy is designed to prepare our students for success in college and in life. Our faculty and staff are dedicated to meeting the individual needs of each student, presenting content through the prism of a Christian worldview. San Marcos Academy offers grades 6-12 for all students and will open a fourth and fifth grade class for day students only in the 2017-18 school year.

The Regular College Preparatory Sequence is recommended for students who desire to attend a college or university after graduation. This sequence features more flexibility in scheduling while ensuring that students are well prepared to meet the challenges of college-level work. Those students intending to apply to a highly competitive college or university after graduation are encouraged to follow the Academy's Honors College Preparatory Sequence. This sequence features challenging honors and AP courses as well as dual college credit courses. For the past several years, the Academy has enjoyed a partnership with Hardin-Simmons University for our dual credit courses, and SMA faculty members who teach these rigorous classes are considered adjunct professors of Hardin-Simmons. Many of our seniors have a college transcript to take with them when they graduate, having earned as many as 27 hours through on-campus classes alone (AP credit and online college courses could add even more). While we offer outstanding instruction in all disciplines, the Academy is especially known for excellence in math preparation. A student can go as far as to acquire college Calculus credit right here on our campus, under the guidance of our own faculty.

For those students with documented learning differences such as ADD, ADHD or Dyslexia, the Academy is pleased to offer a Learning Skills Program. Through this program, the Academy holds students to the highest academic standards while offering additional guidance and accommodations to meet their educational needs and reach their full academic potential. Accommodations can include one-on-one or group tutoring, re-teaching of subject material, verbalized testing, project assistance, and organizational skills instruction.

Another outstanding academic program San Marcos Academy offers is English as a Second Language instruction. Unlike some boarding schools that require students to demonstrate a high level of English proficiency prior to acceptance, the Academy welcomes students who are less confident in their English skills. These students are immersed in English language instruction through Beginning ESL classes, enabling them to move into grade-level English classes as quickly as possible. Advanced ESL instruction is also available to help those students with stronger language skills refine their proficiency.

Most private schools are not geared to working with students who need academic intervention, but SMA has a sophisticated web of study halls and interventions that provide unique reinforcement for students who are still learning how to learn. We offer opportunities for credit recovery through our blended classroom environment and through distance learning. All boarding students benefit from attending evening study halls in the dormitory or a more intensive Structured Study Hall, where tutoring and close supervision is provided by degreed instructors. Progress reports or Report cards are mailed out every 3 weeks to keep parents updated on their student's progress. Each year 95 percent or more of our graduates matriculate into a college or university following graduation.

For more details about our academic program, take time to review the curriculum overview provided in the link below, as well as the expectations for each grade level. You may also want to read additional information on our various academic programs at the links provided below. Feel free to contact our academic dean Dr. Bob Bryant (512-753-8040) if you have any additional questions about SMA academics.

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