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San Marcos Academy in top 30 Best Christian Schools in America
San Marcos Academy was named one of the 30 Best Christian Boarding Schools in America by selected SMA based on several weighted factors, including academic excellence, extracurricular richness, geographical and demographical diversity, and reputation. is a leading resource for prospective students seeking a college or university degree. Click here to read the entire article and view the profile of SMA.

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San Marcos Academy – English as a Second Language (ESL)

English as a Second Language has become a much needed course of instruction in today’s school systems. With our world becoming a truly global community and foreign students seeking education in the United States, this need will continue to grow in the future. With the large number of non-native English speaking students in our schools, it is imperative that our schools prepare these students to be competitive in their academic pursuits. Many private schools are recruiting students from all over the globe who do not speak and read English at a level that will allow them to compete in the academic arena. To throw them into the rigors of an academic environment without giving them the tools to be successful would be setting them up for failure.

Why English as a Second Language?
To begin with, an English as a Second Language course provides international students with a basic level of reading and speaking. This, coupled with their total emersion in an English speaking community, gives them the ability to perform well in the classroom. This, however, is only part of the advantage these students enjoy from ESL. Scientific studies have shown that students who learn a second language exhibit increased brain functions and stimulate creativity in their efforts. ESL studies also include content that will help students learn more about American culture as they assimilate into their new environment.

San Marcos Academy is indeed honored to be able to provide English as a Second Language to those students whose first language was not English as a mean of opening doors for them to attain their dreams and experience an entirely new world that might have been forever closed to them

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