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Advantages of a Fine Arts Program

At a time when many schools are cutting out Fine Arts programs due to budget constraints, San Marcos Academy is embracing the Arts by providing three separate programs. Studies have shown that participation in Fine Arts programs is key to improving overall academic performance. In a study by Judith Burton, Professor of Art Education at Columbia University in 1999, it was reported that subjects such as mathematics, science and languages require cognitive and creative capabilities typically found in Arts learning. The National Assembly of State Arts Agencies study Critical Evidence: How the Arts Benefit Student Achievement also reported that Arts study contributes to academic achievement and student success.

The principal purpose for the Fine Arts (Visual Arts, Drama, and Music) at San Marcos Academy is to support the total learning mission of the Academy by fostering the intellectual, artistic and aesthetic development of all students through classes and arts experiences provided by performances and exhibits. Christian traditions and heritage are central to Academy teaching and learning in the Arts.

By exposing a student to various means of artistic expression, the student gains a better understanding of the world around him/her. These experiences may open creative avenues that were previously undiscovered in a student and may spark a student to excel in other areas, as well.

The goal of Fine Arts classes at San Marcos Academy is to provide strong intellectual and artistic learning opportunities for students. As practice normally precedes theory, the main emphasis at the middle school and high school is on doing—that is, learning to perform and to create works of art in ways that will enrich personal and professional lives after graduation.

Why Participate in a Fine Arts Program?

The Fine Arts are intellectual disciplines supported by substantial bodies of historical, scientific and empirical research. The Arts supply variety in the teaching/learning process and connect the intellectual and aesthetic/artistic elements in the humanities.

Because artistic learning often includes public performance and exhibition, an ancillary goal of the Fine Arts is, where possible, to bring positive recognition to the entire Academy.

Americans for the Arts indicates that exposure to art and music does more than just improve creativity. Young people who receive regular exposure to the arts are four times more likely to be recognized for academic excellence, to participate in a math or science fair, or to win an award for writing a poem or essay. Studies show that these students are also three times more likely to be elected to a class office or to win an award for school attendance.

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