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San Marcos Academy

San Marcos Academy Learning Skills Program

San Marcos Academy Learning Skills Program

San Marcos Academy Learning Skills Program

San Marcos Academy Learning Skills Program

Learning Skills Center

San Marcos Academy challenges all students to the fullest extent of their academic potential. For those students with documented learning differences or other mental health diagnoses, the Academy is pleased to offer a Learning Skills Program. Through this program, the Academy holds students to the highest academic standards, yet offers project substitutions, test adaptations, and coursework selection based on individual skills.

The Learning Skills instructors share a common commitment to the education of students with learning differences and a vision for how that education should be accomplished. Through extensive experience working with students with learning differences, LS instructors have gained an understanding of the basic precursors of academic success. Students must capitalize on personal strengths, recognize and manage personal weaknesses, remediate specific academic deficits, develop orderly study habits, and assume ultimate responsibility for their education.

LS instructors consistently observe the effectiveness of the Learning Skills Program at the Academy in moving students from dependence to personal autonomy and from external monitoring to self-sufficiency. Many families now choose SMA based on the Academy’s reputation for success with students with learning differences.

The Learning Skills Program provides a positive and supportive environment in which students receive instruction in academic skills and necessary course content. Using student-specific tests and assignments, role modeling, demonstration, and practice, students begin to experience academic success. This, in turn, increases self-confidence and further successes in the classroom.

Most students respond quickly to the support, instruction, and demonstration offered by the Learning Skills Program and rise to the challenge of new and expanded expectations. Others may require more time to process and accept the offered assistance and newly supportive environment while assuming ever-increasing responsibility for their own education.

The primary requirement for participation in the Learning Skills Program is the presence of a documented learning disability or some other mental health diagnosis. Other mental health diagnoses may include, but are not limited to, ADHD with or without hyperactivity, depression, and anxiety-related disorders.

Additionally, a student must be experiencing academic difficulties due to the disorder or disorders. Since the Learning Skills Program does not "pull-out" students from their regular classrooms except for testing, participants must demonstrate the ability to function adequately in a regular classroom setting.

Participants are assigned one Learning Skills class period each school day. Additionally, the Learning Skills Center is open for after-school tutoring until 5 p.m. and for evening tutoring sessions from 7:30 to 9 p.m. Participating students take tests in the Learning Skills Center and receive additional time for test completion.

For More Information ...
For more information on the Learning Skills Program, contact our Admissions Office at 512-753-8000 or the Program Director, Mrs. Margo McClintock, at 512-753-8062.

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