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San Marcos Academy understands that education is much more than just sitting in a classroom all day. Our vision is to produce leaders whose lives are built on integrity, a strong moral compass, a total commitment to life-long learning and who exemplify Christís devotion to service and His compassionate concern for others. To accomplish this we offer our students a wide variety of student activities and organizations to complement their academic pursuits and develop well rounded young adults.

Involvement in Activities

San Marcos Academy offers its students a wide variety of life-enriching and recreational activities to round out their education. These activities are normally off-campus and are conducted with adult supervision and include such things as college visits, shopping trips and recreational trips to many of the venues in Central Texas. We also schedule numerous on-campus activities, including Frisbee golf tournaments, movies in our multi-purpose room, open swimming pool nights, gamers nights, and much more. Check out the list of some of our student activities to get a feel for the type of activities your son or daughter can experience at SMA.

Involvement in Student Organizations

San Marcos Academy offers our students a number of clubs and organizations they can join or be selected to join. Being involved in these organizations helps SMA students learn to manage their time, make new friends, develop leadership skills, learn teamwork, and make positive contributions to the campus community. Involvement in campus organizations also yields activity points, which contribute to a studentís class rank.

To learn more about our student organizations, check out the various student organizations available at San Marcos Academy.

If you have any questions about our Student Activities and Organizations feel free to contact us using our handy form or call our Admissions Office at 512-753-8000.

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