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San Marcos Academy in top 30 Best Christian Schools in America
San Marcos Academy was named one of the 30 Best Christian Boarding Schools in America by selected SMA based on several weighted factors, including academic excellence, extracurricular richness, geographical and demographical diversity, and reputation. is a leading resource for prospective students seeking a college or university degree. Click here to read the entire article and view the profile of SMA.

San Marcos Academy Testimonials

What Parents and Visitors Are Saying About SMA ...

“I have to say that as impressive as your school looks on the internet and more so in person, the way that every person on campus has welcomed us and treated us is something that can't be understood on a website or in a pamphlet. As wonderful as your facilities are, it is the people that truly make the school. Thank you all so much for your time and your willingness to help grow young men and women into a group of good Christian leaders of tomorrow.”
--Parent of a Prospective Student

“I wish you all could have heard the enthusiasm that was expressed by our family following the Open House. Everyone, including friends who also attended, was totally impressed with everything about the Academy, from the wonderful people who make everything work to the place itself. It was like stepping into another world. San Marcos is truly fortunate to have this school here.”
--SMA Open House Attendee

“ SMA staff and students have embraced us from day one. The decision to transfer to SMA has been one of the best decisions as a parent I’ve ever made. The best way to sum up how my son feels at SMA was revealed on the second day of school this year. As I was dropping him off I told him to have a good day. His response, “Mom, there are no bad days at SMA. That was the other school. Everyone loves each other here and everyone is accepted for who they are.”
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--SMA Middle School Parent

“I am in awe of the changes that have occurred since my son has reached his junior year. I sent your program a bright-eyed, eager to learn young boy as a freshman. I have watched a young man emerge who has learned how to set personal goals for himself in all the areas that matter most to him in his life and achieve them. I believe his time as a member of the JROTC program helped instill discipline, leadership and pride. He performed this year in athletics and is playing alto saxophone in the concert band. I will be forever grateful for the efforts the coaching and the fine arts staffs have made to allow him to explore and shine in all his interests and talents. The math faculty this year has helped him feel secure enough to be able to ask for help when he feels overwhelmed and unsure. He has learned that asking for help is not a sign of weakness, but is indeed a sign of strength. The English and Theology programs have encouraged him to express his ideas and share his personal opinions through inviting classroom discussions and written essay materials. The NHS has kept him committed to excellence in his academic studies. You have given my son his wings to be all that he can be, in a strong, nurturing, academic environment I could not have afforded him on my own. Thank you!”
--Parent of an SMA Junior

“I would like to thank SMA for taking a good care of the international students. You provide a safe and healthy environment for all students. As the parents or guardians of the students, we really appreciate the effort and resources the SMA put in. I will definitely recommend your school to other students and parents overseas.”
-–Mother of an SMA International Student Parent

“We chose SMA for our son for several reasons--its focus on college preparation, excellence in education, a safe and nurturing atmosphere, opportunities to develop Nick's talents in music and leadership, and personal instruction. SMA has fulfilled our expectations and more. Because of his time at SMA and the quality of his educational experience, Nick will have a strong foundation in his personal life, as well as, his college career because of the efforts of the Academy's leaders, teachers, administrators and staff who are diligent, caring and committed. Thank you SMA!”
--Parents of a senior SMA day student

“While there are many fine day and boarding schools nationwide and in Texas, San Marcos Academy offers true and meaningful diversity, which is difficult to find elsewhere. The challenge to participate is also beneficial; in fact, kids are urged to try new things, so emphasis is on not being a spectator. Who knew my son, from the suburbs of Los Angeles, would enjoy the discipline of JROTC as much as playing football? And, if he had had more time, he wanted to be part of the equestrian program, as well.

By virtue of this exposure and support, our kids figure out some of what they like, spot what they are not fond of, and perhaps begin to discover what can work for them. From courses in religion and athletics to core curricula, SMA’s programs are designed so that there is something for everyone, and with any luck, a child will find or develop a passion. While the kids may not like the small class sizes, I love them, because a small class helps insure no one slips through a crack.

Living together in a dorm setting, stereotypes and preconceived notions about people are dismissed, which to me, helps make my son’s experience at San Marcos Academy a true college/life prep environment. My son has been invited to spend time in Asia with a friend from school – now that’s quite a sleepover!

At San Marcos Academy, the staff wants our child(ren) to succeed. I wish I had been able to go to San Marcos Academy when I was young.”   
--Mother of a Senior Boarding Student

“When considering the type of school we wanted for our children, first and foremost we wanted a place that would 'know' our kids. At SMA when you introduce yourself to a teacher they will often respond by telling you something about your child. Whether their response is a story, an observation, or a simple fact it is obvious that they know the kids at the school. Fortunate for us, the student/teacher ratio is small enough so that your child isn't a number or a name but a young adult whom they can take the time to help, encourage, and assist in finding and developing their future goals.”
--Parent of SMA Siblings

“We could not have asked for a better school for our daughter. Our family has been so blessed to have had the support of her teachers and coaches throughout her years at SMA. Her teachers and coaches have always been there to help her anyway they can. We have been so happy with the classes and the honors track schedule that SMA offers. We are so thankful for the chapel and Christianity values that are instilled and practiced at SMA. We want to thank each and every person associated with making SMA the wonderful school that it has been for our daughter!”
--Parents of an SMA middle school student

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