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Incentives and Discounts

SMA offers the following incentives and discounts:

Referral Discount: Currently enrolled students will receive a tuition credit for a referral to San Marcos Academy ($500 for a day student referral and $1,000 for a boarding student; maximum of two per year). The credit will be awarded when a referred student does the following: 1) applies and is accepted to the Academy 2) identifies the referring family on the application and 3) enrolls at SMA. Children of SMA employees are exempt from this discount.

Early Re-enrollment Incentive: Current students will receive a tuition credit ($175 for day students and $500 for boarding students) if they complete the re-enrollment process by the published deadline. Information about re-enrollment and the incentive deadline will be sent to current students after the last day of school in May. Children of SMA employees are exempt from this discount.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost for my student to attend the Academy?
Our program costs differ depending on a student’s grade level and Day or Boarding status. The cost of each program fee is listed on the 2017-2018 Financial Information document. Additional fees for activities outside of the standard program, for example music instrument rental, College Dual-Credit Courses, or transportation, might also apply. The 2017-2018 Fee Schedule is also posted below.

Please be aware that the cost for textbooks, school supplies, and uniforms are not included in the program fee. These items can be purchased at the Bookstore by cash, check, or credit card, usually at the time of registration.

What is the difference in the program fees?
If you will be paying in full prior to or at Registration, you will qualify for the “Pay In Full” program cost, which is a savings of five percent. If you are requesting a payment plan, the “Payment Plan” program cost will be applied to your account. Once you are accepted at the Academy, you will be asked which program fee you would like applied to your account. Please note that the Payment Plan program is not available to our International students (those with an F-1 Visa).

What are the payment plans?
We currently offer a monthly payment plan option with the first payment due in July and the final payment due in April. We also offer a semester plan with payments due in July and December.

How do I see my charges and receive my invoices?
The Academy uses Smart Tuition for management of invoicing and collections. After acceptance to the Academy, your Smart Tuition account will be created by the Business Office and a Smart Family ID will be assigned to you. All invoices and communications will be sent to you via e-mail.

For security reasons, you will need to contact Smart Tuition at 888-868-8828 for your account log in and password. With this information you can access your account at Smart Tuition’s call center is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Please see this Smart Tuition FAQ document for more details.

How can I make payments?
Smart Tuition can be used to set up your payments to the school. If this is not convenient, you can make payments directly to the Academy. We accept wire transfers as well as checks or cash at the Business Office. Please contact us if you need wire transfer information.

Can my students charge at the Bookstore?
After Registration, your student may occasionally need to purchase items at the Bookstore. We recommend that students have access to a debit or credit card. If this is not convenient, we will allow your student to charge to his or her student account. All bookstore charges will appear on your Smart Tuition invoice and are due upon invoice.

If you have any additional questions for the Business Office, please contact us at (512)753-8014 or via e-mail to Martha Lincoln at or Rhonda McNeil at

2017-18 Financial Information

2017-2018 Fee Schedule

2017-18 Financial Information with Sibling Discount*
*Sibling discount applies if a family has two or more students enrolled.

Application Fee
A non-refundable fee of $150 is required for all students wishing to apply to San Marcos Academy. This fee may paid online through our SmartTuition portal or you may send the fee by check to:

San Marcos Academy Admissions
2801 Ranch Road 12
San Marcos, Texas 78666

Upon acceptance to the Academy, students may pay their program deposits online through our SmartTuition portal. Contact the Admissions Office at 512-753-8000 if you have any questions about this payment.
2801 Ranch Road 12 | San Marcos, Texas, 78666 |Tel: 512.353.2400