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Academic Credit Opportunities in Visual Arts:
  • Art Classes High School and Middle School (may be repeated for elective credit)
  • Ceramics Class (may be repeated for elective credit)
  • Digital Photography
Non-Credit Opportunities in Visual Arts:
  • TAPPS Competitions (many categories of individual art work, including on-site drawing, art history and photography)
  • VASE (Visual Arts Scholastic Events) Competition
  • Empty Bowls (service project for ceramics students, benefiting food bank)
  • Exhibitions of student work, both on campus and in the community
San Marcos Academy

San Marcos Academy Visual Arts

Welcome to Art Class

I'm glad each art student is here, and I look forward to learning everyone's unique creativity. My hope for each of my students is that he/she will feel comfortable and creative in the art room, be open to exploring different materials and techniques and be willing to approach each project with a positive attitude.

Ruth Schwartz, Art Teacher
Art Room Rules
  • We are respectful to everyone and everything in this classroom.
  • We take responsibility for our own actions and words.
  • We follow all classroom and academy rules, even the ones we don't agree with.
How Great Thou Art

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